Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a word on The kalam Effect by PM Nair

Dear Friends,
Good Morning.I am back. It is a bit late. I was busy with my exams and my trips.
I have got some time to read new books while preparing for civil services interview.
The first book I read for the season is The Kalam effect by PM Nair. It is a good book which gives us an insight in to the great and humble personality of Dr.Kalam. It is from the eyes of a person who is so close to kalam during his presidential years. I really loved the letter from a woman who wants to be at the service of Mr. President as a fist lady. She was very open while talking about her open minded husband.
The other hilarious part of the book was when Mr.Nair describes about Madam Excellency during his stay at a RajBhavan. She was nothing but the wife of Governor. I do have a similar experience when I was on a trip to tirumala temple with my sister s family. My Brother in law made all the arrangements with the help of madam sp. i did not understand it initially. I thought the sp might be a female. but, as the things progressed i realised, It was not sp madam but madam sp. She is none other than sp s wife. it was really funny.

It show s how the spouses of his r her excellency wield power in democratic and bureaucratic set up.
one day I was reading about an article on panchayat raj. It says that the women reservations are not really helpful to women empowerment as the real bosses are their husbands. I will not wonder now. of course, In India there are many sir excellencies too besides madam excellencies.

As of now I have started reading a book "Identity and Violence " by Amartya sen.
I will regularly update my commentaries on this book.