Wednesday, October 6, 2010


thought s of having a good institute
creating a governing body and making people in orgn totally responsible to them.
it develops a sense of answerability. governing people should be serious enough with a multiway communication .

at the end of every month sending a report to all the concernd in the governing body.

It is better , if they r retired and had enough experience with education system. much better if they are civil servants.

It must be a serious affair. every quwstion and suggestion should be discussed.

Quality charter
every week individual assessment of quality charter

student revieew consolidation after every month

student teacher personal interaction - once in a month with atleast - discussing areas of improvement
quality charter
adhrence to committment


openness - regular information exchange with students - weekly news letter(designing should contain a story on ethics n motivation, weekly updates, innovative ideas )

staff attitudes - always be high on energy - respectable/ attitude of yes with strings attached

student motivation
display of photographs of renowed civil servants on the wall

our students ---- yet to come

one lakh trees / plants by 2030

20 years - it mean atleast 5000 plants / year. initial years it will be slow. how much?

village rachabanda solution, plant few shade giving trees at regular meeting areas and keep some benches, -- plant as many times as u loose them. make people to sit there, --- well designed, comfortable to have snacks-

Rama krishna vanam - building vibrant village community - my idea of implementation.

1) stage 1 - cleaning an area relatively big near to a regular meeting point
2)Stage2 - planting few trees and establishing benches in a cylindrical fashion and name every tree.--- NRI s role - To be discussed.
3)stage 3- involving school children/if available teachers and principals/mid day meal team
4)stage 4 - establishing small tea and snacks (outsourcing) - conditions of protection,maintainence and new plantations ???????
5)profit analysis, review and evaluation - at my home in vippagunta, a person was able to make handsome profits.

meeting emerald sweet shop owner

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